Highlights of SPC12

Here are my three quickies from SPC12.

Office 365 vs On-premise

Even though Microsoft claim a huge investment in SharePoint Server 2013, the main focus is in SharePoint Online and Office 365. There are still a few limitations what you can do in the cloud, things that can only be done on premise, but future releases will probably be the other way around. Go for the cloud if possible.

WCF is out, REST is in

The API for accessing /_api/client.svc (former /_vti_bin/client.svc) has been extended and most information can be pulled out using REST, which is fast and simple. When communication with SharePoint, use either REST or CSOM (Client-Server Object Model). There are few reasons for using WCF or any other method.

Consider hosting apps

The first two tips are simple guidelines. This is a call for concideration. When hosting an app there are three possible ways:

  • SharePoint hosted app
  • Autohosted app
  • Providerhosted app

Not only will these three methods convey various limitations on what you can do, they will also bring differnt concerns regarding authorization. This will be discussed more later.

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