Deploying Office 365

To get started with Office 365, this is a quick setup:


You will need:

  • 3-5 servers, Windows Server 2012 R2
    • AAD Sync, must be domain joined
    • ADFS01, must be domain joined
    • ADFS02, must be domain joined
    • WebProxy01, should not be domain joined
    • WebProxy02, should not be domain joined
  • SSL certificate for federation gateway, e.g., it should be installed on all ADFS servers and Web Proxies.
  • Access to all servers with installation account, which must be Domain Admin.
  • Two AD service accounts, e.g. SVC-AADSYNC änd SVC-ADFS. Both have to be Domain User. AADSYNC will need more permissions for hybrid deployment:
  • Service account in Office 365 which is Global Administrator.
  • Internal DNS for pointing to ADFS-NLB.
  • External DNS for pointing to Web Proxy-NLB.
  • Office 365 tenant with licenses for your users.
  • Testaccounts!

Please document setup well. Happy clouding!

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