Live@edu upgrade checklist

This checklist is for the Live@edu to Office 365 for education transition, with FIM agent and Single sign-on using federation.

  • Create a testdomain.
  • Add a public domain, such as
  • Configure the FIM agent for the test domain and create a few accounts. Make sure the UPN is the same in your AD as in Office 365 (e.g.
  • Set up SSO with ADFS or Shibboleth.
  • Verify the functionality.
  • Upgrade the Live@edu domain.
  • Make sure the UPN is correct for the upgraded users or fix it with Powershell.
  • Switch the FIM agent to the former Live@edu domain.
  • Configure the federation for the former Live@edu domain.
  • Kill the test domain.

Most of this information is collected at the community, and it is recommended to read the section about Single sign-on.

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